Investment certificates from CYRRUS

Unrivalled flexibility

With investment certificates, you unlock the true value of capital markets. You can trade anything, anytime you want, with a risk level you are willing to accept.

Managed risk profile

Managing the risks of your investment is one of the biggest advantages of these carefully tailor-made products. There is nothing impossible with investment certificates.


The level of risk goes hand in hand with the yield. With more than 260 matured certificates, we can pride on the robust performance of the products we distributed.

Actively managed certificate

The implementation and distribution of an investment strategy require complex infrastructure and heavy operations, which may be cost-heavy for Investment Managers. AMC is a flexible and cost-efficient solution to manage investment strategies in a certificate format. AMC enables Investment Managers to customize and implement investment strategies with greater adjustability, operational efficiency, and transparency.

Current products




Capital protection

Max payoff


Issue date

CYRRUS X: Talisman Dispersion USD 90% Unlimited 3 years 14 May 2021
8% Ladder: Top Picks Capital protected USD 85% 24% 3 years 5 Feb 2021
Garant: Artificial Intelligence Capital protected USD 90% 21% 3 years 14 Apr 2021
9% Duo-Safe: US Tech Yield enhancement USD Conditionally 27% 3 years 14 Apr 2021
Twin-Win: Airbnb  Participation USD Conditionally 25% 1 year 20 May 2021
Outperformance: Nvidia Participation USD None 28% 1 year 20 Apr 2021
Lock-In Ladder: Value Stocks Capital protected USD 90% 50% 3 years 26 Mar 2021

More than 290 total issues from
December 2012 to November 2021

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