One company,
many advantages.

Unique commission

You choose as you wish

Unique products including your own brand

We assign a specialist for you

Unique gateway to top issuers

Profitability – whether the market goes up or down

High sales commission (3%) for you

- Great way to diversify your earnings.

- No quantity commitment – you’re free to choose the amount of investment.

- E.g., for USD 1 000 000 distributed to your clients, you receive a USD 30 000 commission.

Unique customised product including your own brand

- Label this innovative product with your own name, logo and visuals; 100% customisation of the product’s appearance.

- Show the strength of your brand to clients.

- We can share examples of the way we customise our marketing materials.

Gateway to top investment banks

- The onboarding process can take up to 2 years.

- With us, you can skip this part and connect instantly with more than 15 global investment banks.

- Our long-term partnerships enable us to negotiate the best prices possible.

We have more for your company

Fully customised product design

- Let us know what your clients need and we will find the right solution for you.

- We can always share attractive topics with you, if need be.

- Either way, you are in charge.

Specialist assigned for you

- A dedicated CYRRUS representative will ensure smooth communication.

- He will guide you through the whole process, step by step.

- We can also present our services directly to your clients.

Profitable solution for any market condition

- With structured products, you can respond to any market change.

- Flexibility is the biggest asset.

- Underlying assets, maturity and currency are fully customisable.

- We can devise a theme-based investment with a special story linked to the current global events. Believe us… stories sell.

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